Do You Think Picasso had an Elevator Pitch for “Guernica”?

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

So true, but it depends how close you are with it.

Our “picture” is Flipside Workspace. In my [unbiased] opinion, Flipside is poetry in motion.

A thousand words?  Ha! Try a million.

I’ve been asked a gazillion times to describe Flipside Workspace, with the expectation that I can do this in 2 minutes or less. If the average number of words per speaking minute is 120, that’s 240 words.  But I have a million.  Math isn’t my greatest skill, but I do recognize there’s a huge difference.

Out of frustration, I have to ask myself: Do you think Picasso had an “elevator pitch” for “Guernica“?!

If he did, kudos to him.  What his masterpiece stands for, the emotion it evokes, the impact it ultimately had around the world –  how does one do that?!

Finding the right words has truly been an obstacle for me: describing what we have developed, the psychological impact it has had, and the profound shift in my professional life as a user.

Want examples?  Here are some words we’ve used and the knee-jerk responses:

“Virtual world”: Second Life? Yes, but nothing like it.

“Telepresence”: oh! like GoToMeeting?  Uhm, no… well, kinda’… no, not really at all.

“Virtual presence”: OK, like Google Hangouts?  Ugh.  Not quite.

“3D environment”: like World of Warcraft?  World of WHAT?

“Taking the physical office and moving it online”: silence.

I don’t even get into how my business partner and I share  a desk while living 70 miles apart, or how our productivity has sky-rocketed since sharing this office space yet we rarely use email or the telephone anymore (but still talk to each other approximately 6 hours a day everyday), or how I walk to the library to ask our Resident Bookworm (who lives another 80 miles away) a quick question she might be able to help me with… it’s just all too “out there”.

So, I’m going to focus on finding the right words and determine how these words can help better explain what we’ve got going on here.  I have decided what may very well help me in conquering this challenge is to pick a “word of the day” using WordThink, Merriam-Webster, or Urban Dictionary and see if they work in describing Flipside Workspace.

Perhaps in 240 blog posts I will have come up with the perfect elevator pitch!

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4 thoughts on “Do You Think Picasso had an Elevator Pitch for “Guernica”?

  1. basquebombshell says:

    I haven’t had a chance to really dig into your site yet, but before I do, I wanted to let you know that the link to it from your blog doesn’t work right, it takes you to The first “http://www.” is extra. Musu!

  2. Reblogged this on Alternative Workstyle Enthusiast and commented:
    I would’ve loved to have Picasso’s pitch….”so I’m going to take this head and put it over here….and then I’m going to have this eye/light bulb thing… and it will be a symbol of hope….” Thanks Awkward Gawker for a fun look at Elevator Pitches!

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